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Bryan Batiste is a highly skilled and experienced audio engineer known for his expertise in audio mixing and editing. With a passion for creating high-quality recordings and enhancing the overall sound quality of various projects, he has become a valuable asset to clients in a wide range of industries.


Bryan's work in the music industry includes producing and mixing entrance themes for professional wrestlers in collaboration with Colin Young for AEW. He has also worked on audio recordings for various bands and artists, and his work can be heard on live videos for Maximum Volume Silence and on the hate5six video channel.


Bryan has also lent his skills as an audio engineer to Cracked, a humor website that produces podcasts and videos. With experience in mixing and editing podcasts, removing background noise from recordings, and enhancing the overall sound quality of videos, Bryan has become a trusted expert in the field.


In addition to his work in the music and podcasting industries, Bryan has mixed a majority of the Bedroom Covers series for Two Minutes To Late Night, a popular online series in which musicians and bands record covers of classic songs from their homes or bedrooms.


Overall, Bryan's dedication to producing high-quality audio recordings, his versatility, and his ability to work with a wide range of clients and budgets make him a highly sought-after audio engineer in the industry.

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